she has known how to play the piano for 5 years

Read the following passage and mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet vĩ đại indicate the correct answer vĩ đại each of the following questions.

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      Since the early eighties, we have been only too aware of the devastating effects of large-scale environmental pollution. Such pollution is generally the result of poor government planning in many developing nations or the shortsighted, selfish policies of the already industrialized countries, which encourage a minority of the world’s population vĩ đại squander the majority of its natural resources.

While events such as the deforestation of the Amazon jungle or the nuclear disaster in Chernobyl continue vĩ đại receive high truyền thông exposure, as tự acts of environmental sabotage, it must be remembered that not all pollution is on this grand scale. A large proportion of the world's pollution has its source much closer vĩ đại trang chủ. The recent spillage of crude oil from an oil tanker accidentally discharging its cargo straight into Sydney not only caused serious damage vĩ đại the harbor foreshores but also created severely toxic fumes which hung over the suburbs for days and left the angry residents wondering how such a disaster could have been allowed vĩ đại happen.

Avoiding pollution can be a fulltime job. Try not vĩ đại inhale traffic fumes; keep away from Chemical plants and building-sites; wear a mask when cycling. It is enough vĩ đại make you want vĩ đại stay at trang chủ. But that, according vĩ đại a growing body toàn thân of scientific evidence, would also be a bad idea. Research shows that levels of pollutants such as hazardous gases, particulate matter and other chemical 'nasties’ are usually higher indoors than thở out, even in the most polluted cities. Since the average American spends 18 hours indoors for every hour outside, it looks as though many environmentalists may be attacking the wrong target.

Question 31: The best title for this passage could be _____.

A. the devastating effects of environmental pollution in some areas.

B. indoor pollution in industrialized countries.

C. environmental pollution as a result of poor policies.

D. deforestation of the Amazon jungle.

Question 32: Which statement about Sydney harbor is probably TRUE according vĩ đại the passage?

A. The Sydney Harbour oil spill was the result of a collision between two oil tankers.

B. The Sydney Harbour oil spill was the result of a deliberate act of sabotage.

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C. The Sydney Harbour oil spill was the result of a ship refueling in the harbor.

D. The Sydney Harbour oil spill was the result of a tanker pumping oil into the sea.

Question 33: The word “its” in paragraph 2 refers vĩ đại _____?

A. an oil tanker                B. crude oil                      C. pollution                       D. spillage

Question 34: In paragraph 3, the writer suggests that _____.

A. people should avoid working in cities

B. hazardous gases are concentrated in industrial suburbs

C. there are several ways vĩ đại avoid đô thị pollution

D. Americans spend too little time outdoors

Question 35: The word "nasties" in paragraph 3 means _____.

A. dangerous                   B. kind                             C. composition                D. dirty

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