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If your iPhone has insufficient internal storage space, you can tốc độ up your iOS device by clearing the cache. Here are tips on how vĩ đại clear the cache on iPhone/iPad.

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Caching is the term for temporary data stored by applications and websites. With it, your phone will work more efficiently. If you visit a trang web with a large banner graphic, the browser will cache it, so sánh you don’t need vĩ đại tải về it again when you visit the page again. When you stream on Apple Music, it caches the tracks you play so sánh that you can change the songs faster. We believe that the storage space used by the cache is valuable. But the more apps you use, the more space they need vĩ đại store cache on your phone. As a result, your phone storage may be filled. Sometimes you need vĩ đại clear the cache vĩ đại tốc độ up your iPhone and iPad. In this guide we have shown several ways vĩ đại clear the cache on iPhone/iPad. Now kiểm tra them out.


Part 1: How vĩ đại Clear Safari Cache on iPhone/iPad

Safari is the main trang web browser in iPhone or iPad devices. Every time you use the Safari browser on your iPhone vĩ đại visit websites, it will always store images, CSS, logos, and other captureable data on those websites. After a while, there will be too much Safari cache saved in iPhone/iPad. Here is how vĩ đại clean it up:

Step 1. Open Settings > tap on Safari on your iPhone or iPad.

Step 2. Scroll down and find out Clear History and Website Data option.

Step 3. Tap Clear History and Data in the pop-up thực đơn.

clear iphone cache

All caches, Safari browsing data, cookies, and browsing history and more will have been removed from your iPhone or iPad, as well as any other synced device with iCloud.

Part 2: How vĩ đại Clear App Cache on iPhone or iPad

The phầm mềm cache and other app-related data are marked as "Documents and Data". You can clear the phầm mềm cache by deleting the phầm mềm and reinstalling it on the iPhone.

Step 1. Go vĩ đại Settings> General> iPhone Storage.

Step 2. Scroll down and find the application that stores the most data on the iPhone. Take the Snapchat phầm mềm as an example.

snapchat phầm mềm iphone storage screen

Step 3. Click Delete App vĩ đại delete the application and all related data from iPhone/iPad.

delete snapchat phầm mềm on iphone

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Step 4. Reinstall the Snapchat phầm mềm from the App Store. Go vĩ đại Settings > General > iPhone Storage > Click Snapchat phầm mềm vĩ đại kiểm tra the storage space occupied by the application.

reduced documents data snapchat phầm mềm on iphone

As you can see, the storage space occupied by documents and data has been greatly reduced, from 95.7 MB vĩ đại 49 KB. You can clean up other phầm mềm caches in the same way.

Part 3: How vĩ đại Clean Your iPhone/iPad with UkeySoft FoneEraser

There are many efficient apps that can quickly clean up junk files, application cache, temporary files, and other large files on the phone. UkeySoft FoneEraser is one of the best iOS cleaners.

UkeySoft FoneEraser is mainly divided into 4 modules: 1-Click Free Up Space; Erase All Data; Erase Private Data and Erase App Fragments. There are too many private data stored in your phone, you need vĩ đại wipe your iPhone permanently before selling/giving/trading it. UkeySoft FoneEraser helps you permanently erase private data on iPhone/iPad, such as Contacts, Messages, Photos, Videos, Notes, Call History and so sánh on. All deleted data is guaranteed vĩ đại be 100% unrecoverable. In addition, you can easily clean up junk files, phầm mềm cache, and temporary files vĩ đại tốc độ up iPhone. If you want vĩ đại remove junk files on iPhone 11/XS/X/8/7/6S/6/5S/5/4S/4 vĩ đại không tính tiền up space, you can use the program vĩ đại tự that.

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1-Click vĩ đại Delete Junk Files on iPhone with UkeySoft FoneEraser

Step 1. Start UkeySoft FoneEraser
Start the UkeySoft FoneEraser on your computer and connect your iPhone device vĩ đại the computer via a USB cable.

launch software

Note: you should turn off Find My iPhone feature first if you want vĩ đại permanently wipe your iPhone data.

Sep 2. Start Scanning
Under the 1-Click Free Up Space screen, you will see the junk files, temp files, photos, large files, apps 5 categories. Click on Quick Scan button or select Apps vĩ đại analyze and scan your iPhone or iPad.

scan junk files in iphone

Sep 3. Scanned Result
As you can see, the program is scanning your device, which will take some time. Once completed, you will see the results of the scan. The screenshot below shows the space occupied by junk files, temporary files, photo library, applications, etc.

scanned result không tính tiền up space

Step 4. Delete Junk Files vĩ đại Free Up iPhone Space
Select the data you want vĩ đại delete by clicking Remove button. It will automatically clean up all phầm mềm cache, junk files and không tính tiền up your iPhone space.

remove junk tệp tin iphone

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