Common idioms used in the U.S

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    Mình tìm được một list idiom mà người Mỹ hay dùng khá hay, các bạn tham khảo nhé

    Idiom: A bar of soap
    Meaning: 'bar' is the unit of soap
    Idiom: A blade of grass
    Meaning: 'blade' is the individual grass leaf
    Idiom: A cat fight
    Meaning: A fight between 2 women
    Idiom: A clove of garlic
    Meaning: 'clove' is the unit of garlic
    Idiom: A head of lettuce
    Meaning: 'head' is the unit of lettuce
    Idiom: A loaf of bread
    Meaning: 'loaf' is the unit of bread
    Idiom: A pane of glass
    Meaning: 'pane' is the square of glass in a window
    Idiom: A shoplifter
    Meaning: Someone who steals in a store
    Idiom: A sitting duck
    Meaning: An easy target
    Idiom: A snowball in hell
    Meaning: No chance at all
    Idiom: A stick of butter
    Meaning: 'stick' is the unit of butter
    Idiom: A tub of butter
    Meaning: a large blob of butter which is sold in a tub
    Idiom: All the hoo ha
    Meaning: All the commotion, noise
    Idiom: An ear of corn
    Meaning: 'ear' is the unit of corn

    Idiom: Applicant must leap tall buildings
    Meaning: Applicant must be better than the guy we just fired
    Idiom: At the end of the day
    Meaning: The bottom line is, when all is said and done, to sum it up

    Idiom: At 2 sharp
    Meaning: At exactly 2 o'clock

    Idiom: Back to back
    Meaning: Consecutive. One after another, with no interruption. (Back to back is not consecutive)

    Idiom: Beam me up Scotty!
    Meaning: These people are nuts, get me out of here!
    Idiom: Bill was the head honcho
    Meaning: Bill was the boss
    Idiom: Black is the new green, or green is the new black, or orange is the new purple.
    Meaning: This new thing replaces that old thing

    Idiom: Blue state.
    Meaning: A state whose electoral votes were for a Democrat
    Idiom: Blue
    Meaning: Democrat

    Idiom: Bone up before your test
    Meaning: Do a last-minute preparation
    Idiom: Bozo
    Meaning: Someone who is real dumb
    Idiom: Brush up before your test
    Meaning: Do a last-minute preparation
    Idiom: Can I have your John Hancock?
    Meaning: Can I have your signature?

    Idiom: Can you hit the ground running?
    Meaning: If you want this job you'll have to get to work right away without any training and act like an expert at once because we don't have any time to train you
    Idiom: Can you take the ball and run with it?
    Meaning: I don't have time to be a good boss, so can you take responsibilities for me so that I will get the credit and you will get the shaft?
    Idiom: Can you walk on water?
    Meaning: If you want this job you'll have to be an expert, work nights and weekends, perform perfectly without any mistakes and make me look good
    Idiom: Carb-friendly
    Meaning: low in carbohydrates
    Idiom: Carbon Footprint
    Meaning: A measure of the amount of carbon dioxide that a person or an activity puts into the atmosphere.
    Idiom: Cat Got Your Tongue?
    Meaning: What? You can’t talk now? Why?
    Idiom: Catch as catch can
    Meaning: Do something any way that works
    Idiom: Check out
    Meaning: Pay for merchandise / leave a hotel and pay / validate or verify something
    Idiom: Chicken little
    Meaning: Someone who gives warnings when there is no danger
    Idiom: Chill out!
    Meaning: Calm down!
    Idiom: Cocooning
    Meaning: Staying at home more and more
    Idiom: Coed, or co-ed
    Meaning: Woman who attends college or school. Also, a college that admits both men and women
    Idiom: Cold is the new hot.
    Meaning: Type of expression used in advertising to attempt to convince people that something is what it isn't.
    Idiom: Come in, we're having a bull session
    Meaning: Come in, we're having a long-winded discussion
    Idiom: Con man
    Meaning: Someone who deceives you
    Idiom: Connie had a personal agenda during the interview
    Meaning: Connie had a hidden purpose during the interview
    Idiom: Co-pay or copay
    Meaning: The part of a doctor's, dentist's or pharmacist's bill that you pay, which the insurance doesn't pay.
    Idiom: Cough up the money
    Meaning: Give me the money
    Idiom: Crickets
    Meaning: Silence. (this is the latest fad - saying "crickets" when they mean to say "no one is saying anything.")
    Idiom: Dad gets to foot the bill
    Meaning: Dad is expected to pay the bill
    Idiom: Deep six it
    Meaning: Kill it
    Idiom: Diddly
    Meaning: Nothing - You don't know diddly (short for diddly squat. I have no idea what that means)
    Idiom: Don’t hold your breath waiting!
    Meaning: Waiting is futile!
    Idiom: Don't beat around the bush
    Meaning: Don't avoid the main point
    Idiom: Don't give me a snow job
    Meaning: Don't try to deceive or confuse me
    Idiom: Don't jump the gun
    Meaning: Wait until the right time
    Idiom: Don't lose your head, Marie-Antoinette
    Meaning: Don't do anything irrational, Marie-Antoinette
    Idiom: Don't overdo it
    Meaning: Don't do it excessively
    Idiom: Don't pass the buck
    Meaning: Don't refuse to take the responsibility
    Idiom: Don't pull any punches when you criticize him
    Meaning: Do not give a weak criticism
    Idiom: Don't push your luck
    Meaning: Don't put your accomplishment in risk, by doing something foolish
    Idiom: Don't put the cart before the horse
    Meaning: Don't do things illogically
    Idiom: Don't rain on my parade
    Meaning: Don't stop me from enjoying something
    Idiom: Don't rub it in!
    Meaning: Don't mock me over the painful incident!
    Idiom: Don't run out of steam
    Meaning: don't run out of energy
    Idiom: Don't trip up
    Meaning: don't make a mistake
    Idiom: Do not call list
    Meaning: A list of telephone numbers which telemarketers are not allowed to phone. However, the politicians who wrote the law do not follow the law and continue calling and bothering people at home
    Idiom: Dork
    Meaning: Someone who is real dumb
    Idiom: Drive someone up a wall
    Meaning: Annoy someone very much
    Idiom: Drop a dime
    Meaning: Make a phone call
    Idiom: Dutch treat
    Meaning: Each one pays for his/her meal at a restaurant
    Idiom: Easter Bunny/Tooth Fairy/Santa Claus
    Meaning: Believing in something that is not true
    Idiom: Eat your heart out
    Meaning: It's too bad that you are envious, but you have no sympathy from me
    Idiom: Eating high on the hog
    Meaning: Have enough money to buy the best food
    Idiom: Face the music
    Meaning: Accept the consequences of one's actions
    Idiom: Fair and square
    Meaning: Fair, by the rules
    Idiom: Fake but accurate.
    Meaning: Believe it in spite of it's being false
    Idiom: Fat chance!
    Meaning: Not very likely! (see Slim chance)
    Idiom: Footloose and fancy-free
    Meaning: Having no committments
    Idiom: For the birds
    Meaning: Leftovers, not very good
    Idiom: Free spirit
    Meaning: A person who makes no committments, and is attached to no relationships
    Idiom: From the horse's mouth
    Meaning: From a reliable source
    Idiom: Funny money
    Meaning: Counterfeit or untrustworthy money
    Idiom: Gen X or generation X
    Meaning: Name created by the media to mean people born in the 60's and 70's
    Idiom: Gen Y or generation YX
    Meaning: Name created by the media to mean people born in the 80's and 90's
    Idiom: Get a leg up
    Meaning: To get a boost or advantage
    Idiom: Get a life!
    Meaning: You are not interested in normal things, you spend too much time at work. Also means 'I don't like you'
    Idiom: Get on the bandwagon
    Meaning: Everyone else is doing it, so make a fool of yourself and do it without thinking
    Idiom: Get your act together!
    Meaning: Get organized, correct your problems!
    Idiom: Give him a fair shake
    Meaning: Give him a reasonable opportunity
    Idiom: Give me a ballpark figure
    Meaning: I need to tell my boss a number that he/she will believe. Any number will do, just make one up
    Idiom: Go to plan B
    Meaning: That didn't work, any ideas?
    Idiom: Good grief!
    Meaning: Generalized exclamation
    Idiom: Green
    Meaning: Environmentally friendly
    Idiom: Have a nice day!
    Meaning: Done. Time for you to go!
    Idiom: Heads up!
    Meaning: Warning!
    Idiom: He bit the dust
    Meaning: He died
    Idiom: He blew the whistle on his boss's illegal actions
    Meaning: He revealed his boss's illegal actions to the legal authorities.
    Idiom: He can't see the forest for the trees
    Meaning: He is confused by the details and can't see the big picture
    Idiom: He couldn't look me in the eyes
    Meaning: I don't care if he is shy, or if his culture discourages staring at eyes, if he can't look at my eyes he MUST be lying
    Idiom: He gave 110%
    Meaning: He gave very enthusiastically
    Idiom: He got all bent out of shape when I said I needed Saturday off from work
    Meaning: He got angry when I said I needed Saturday off from work
    Idiom: He hangs around with John
    Meaning: He associates with John
    Idiom: He has shifty eyes
    Meaning: Since he won't look at my eyes he must be lying, unreliable and untrustworthy.
    Idiom: He has two left feet
    Meaning: He can't dance
    Idiom: He has jumped the shark
    Meaning: He is no longer useful. He has outlived his usefulness.
    Idiom: He knew he had passed the Rubicon when he wrote the deposit check for the hall for the wedding reception
    Meaning: He knew there was no turning back when he wrote the deposit check for the hall for the wedding reception
    Idiom: He lives in a row of cookie-cutter houses
    Meaning: All the same. He lives in a row of houses that all look the same
    Idiom: He looked me straight in the eye and told me he didn't steal it
    Meaning: I'm too stupid to discern if he is lying but since he looked at my eyes I think he told the truth
    Idiom: He lost his shirt
    Meaning: He lost all his money
    Idiom: He said it tongue in cheek
    Meaning: He said it but didn't mean it
    Idiom: He saw red
    Meaning: He got angry
    Idiom: He stopped smoking cold turkey
    Meaning: He stopped smoking suddenly, without any help
    Idiom: He went whole hog into taxidermy
    Meaning: He embraced taxidermy very enthusiastically
    Idiom: He'll give you the shirt off his back
    Meaning: He is very generous
    Idiom: He's a baby boomer
    Meaning: He was born after world war 2
    Idiom: He's a blue blooded American
    Meaning: He's a real American (see red blooded American)
    Idiom: He's a card-carrying Libertarian
    Meaning: He's a committed Libertarian
    Idiom: He's a dark horse
    Meaning: He's a candidate who was not known until he/she decided to run for office
    Idiom: He's a dyed-in-the-wool Libertarian
    Meaning: He's a committed Libertarian
    Idiom: He's all thumbs
    Meaning: He is awkward
    Idiom: He's an early bird
    Meaning: He gets up early; he arrives early
    Idiom: He's crying crocodile tears
    Meaning: He's pretending to cry in an attempt to manipulate or exploit, phony tears
    Idiom: He's got a chip on his shoulder
    Meaning: He's looking for an argument
    Idiom: He's in the doghouse
    Meaning: His wife/girlfriend is mad at him
    Idiom: He's the head honcho
    Meaning: He's the big boss
    Idiom: He's the poster child for the (anything)
    Meaning: He's famous for (anything) He's a prime example of (anything).
    Idiom: He's the underdog
    Meaning: He's the one who is expected to lose
    Idiom: Hot is the new cold.
    Meaning: Used in advertising to attempt to convince people that something is what it isn't.
    Idiom: Horse around
    Meaning: Engage in tomfoolery, hooliganism, rough housing, horseplay.
    Idiom: I bought it for a song
    Meaning: I bought it very cheap
    Idiom: I busted my ass
    Meaning: I worked very hard
    Idiom: I busted my butt
    Meaning: I worked very hard
    Idiom: I busted my hump
    Meaning: I worked very hard
    Idiom: I can't hold a candle to him
    Meaning: I am much less competent than him
    Idiom: I don’t mean to get on my soap box here
    Meaning: I don't mean to start preaching to everyone, but here's how I feel ...
    Idiom: I don't feel so hot
    Meaning: I don't feel very well
    Idiom: I drew a blank
    Meaning: I couldn't remember something
    Idiom: I feel like a million dollars
    Meaning: I feel very good
    Idiom: I had a senior moment
    Meaning: I had a temporary lapse of memory or attention
    Idiom: I had it down pat but I failed the spelling test anyway
    Meaning: I had learned it well but I failed the spelling test anyway
    Idiom: I heard it through the grapevine
    Meaning: I heard it through a rumor
    Idiom: I just need my space
    Meaning: You are in my way, You'll have to go
    Idiom: I made him cry uncle
    Meaning: I made him admit defeat
    Idiom: I made him eat crow
    Meaning: I made him retract his words
    Idiom: I need elbow room
    Meaning: I need more freedom, more room, fewer restrictions
    Idiom: I pull down a six figure salary
    Meaning: I earn a salary which is written with 6 numbers, $100,000 - $999,000
    Idiom: I see you two are very sympatico
    Meaning: (bad Spanish) I see you two understand each other
    Idiom: I smell a rat
    Meaning: I think something is wrong
    Idiom: I think that congressman is hitting on his intern
    Meaning: I think that congressman is trying to get his intern to engage in personal activities outside of the world of work
    Idiom: I want my piece of the pie
    Meaning: I want my share of the (re)distribution of the wealth that you earned
    Idiom: I was at the post mortem
    Meaning: I was at the long, painful meeting to talk about why the project failed and who is going to get fired
    Idiom: I'll be right over, don't get antsy
    Meaning: I'll be right over, don't get impatient
    Idiom: I'll fix your wagon
    Meaning: I'll give you what you deserve (some kind of negative action)
    Idiom: I'll show you the ropes
    Meaning: I'll show you the things you need to know
    Idiom: I'll take a rain check on that
    Meaning: I can't accept your offer now, but I'll accept it another day
    Idiom: I'm at sea over Congress' inability to pass a tax cut
    Meaning: I don't understand Congress' inability to pass a tax cut
    Idiom: I'm at the end of my rope
    Meaning: I have no more options
    Idiom: I'm behind the 8-ball
    Meaning: I'm in a very difficult position
    Idiom: I'm busting your chops
    Meaning: I'm teasing you
    Idiom: I'm fit as a fiddle
    Meaning: I'm very healthy
    Idiom: I'm getting married tomorrow but I've got cold feet
    Meaning: I'm getting married tomorrow but I'm scared
    Idiom: I'm going bananas
    Meaning: I'm going mad
    Idiom: I'm going to catch some z's
    Meaning: I'm going to sleep a bit
    Idiom: I'm happy as a clam
    Meaning: I'm very happy without any cares
    Idiom: I'm not going to buy a pig in a poke
    Meaning: I'm not going to buy something that I can't verify
    Idiom: I'm paying $1,200 in alimony each month, and then some
    Meaning: I'm paying $1,200 in alimony each month, and even more
    Idiom: I'm running late
    Meaning: I'm so disorganized that I have missed all my appointments today and I'm going to miss yours too
    Idiom: I'm sorry, Marie-Antoinette, I lost my head
    Meaning: I'm sorry, Marie-Antoinette, I did something irrational
    Idiom: I'm toast
    Meaning: I'm very tired, worn out
    Idiom: It dawned on me that Bill was a crook
    Meaning: I realized that Bill was a crook
    Idiom: It doesn't cut the mustard
    Meaning: It doesn't meed one's needs; it's not good enough
    Idiom: It has come a cropper
    Meaning: It has suffered a setback
    Idiom: It just isn't working out
    Meaning: It is not showing signs of success
    Idiom: It takes a licking and keeps on ticking
    Meaning: The watch can be abused but continues to work
    Idiom: It was a hum drum day
    Meaning: It was a boring, routine day
    Idiom: It'll knock your socks off
    Meaning: You'll be very favorably impressed
    Idiom: It's a can of worms
    Meaning: It is full of problems
    Idiom: It's a chicken and egg thing
    Meaning: It seems that each thing needs to be done first, before the other thing can be done. Comes from the expression "Which came first, the chicken or the egg?"
    Idiom: It's a game-changer
    Meaning: That is going to change the outcome of the game. That new factor will change the result of a game or a decision.
    Idiom: It's a lemon
    Meaning: It doesn't work very well
    Idiom: It's a mirror image of that
    Meaning: It's exactly the same as that [mirror images are NOT exactly the same as the object reflected]
    Idiom: It's do or die
    Meaning: Time to act even if we will die
    Idiom: It's dog eat dog
    Meaning: It's a ruthless battle with no mercy
    Idiom: It's every man for himself
    Meaning: Save yourself. You're on your own. It's a ruthless battle with no mercy
    Idiom: It's hectic
    Meaning: I don't have time for you, because I'm too busy
    Idiom: It's not brain surgery
    Meaning: It's not hard (See It's not rocket science)
    Idiom: It's not rocket science
    Meaning: It's not hard (See It's not brain surgery)
    Idiom: I've got a bone to pick with you!
    Meaning: I have something serious to discuss with you!
    Idiom: I've got half a mind to...
    Meaning: I've almost decided to...
    Idiom: I've got to put my foot down
    Meaning: I've got to enforce the rules
    Idiom: Jack
    Meaning: Nothing - You don't know jack (short for jackshit) You don't know anything.
    Idiom: Jot it down
    Meaning: Make a note of it
    Idiom: Just chewing the fat
    Meaning: Just talking
    Idiom: Just shooting the breeze
    Meaning: Just talking
    Idiom: Keep me posted
    Meaning: Keep me informed
    Idiom: Keep the ball rolling
    Meaning: Continue to perform well
    Idiom: Keep your nose to the grindstone
    Meaning: Continue working hard
    Idiom: Kiddie corner
    Meaning: Diagonally opposite
    Idiom: Kitchen sink
    Meaning: Everything, including some things that you would not normally expect. The original expression was "Everything but the kitchen sink." They sold everything but the kitchen sink. Then people started saying "kitchen sink" meaning "everything."
    Idiom: Knock it off!
    Meaning: Stop what you are doing!
    Idiom: La-la land
    Meaning: An imaginary place
    Idiom: Let's call a spade a spade
    Meaning: Let's speak clearly, saying things as they are
    Idiom: Let's do a dry run
    Meaning: Let's practice)
    Idiom: Let's get down to brass tacks
    Meaning: Let's get to the important issues
    Idiom: Let's go Dutch
    Meaning: Each one pays for his/her portion
    Idiom: Let's table that proposal
    Meaning: Let's postpone discussion of that proposal. (In Britain, it means "let's place that proposal on the table and discuss it.")
    Idiom: Let's take the bull by the horns
    Meaning: Let's face the important issue
    Idiom: Let's touch bases
    Meaning: We don't have time to discuss this properly, so just tell me briefly if everything is all messed up or not
    Idiom: The crook isn't here, he flew the coop.
    Meaning: The crook isn't here, he ran away.
    Idiom: May I help you?
    Meaning: What are you doing in here disturbing my nap?
    Idiom: Me myself and I
    Meaning: I
    Idiom: Sally said to Joe, We’ve got to iron out our problems
    Meaning: Sally said to Joe, We've got to resolve our problems
    Idiom: Musical chairs or musical anything
    Meaning: Moving things around unnecessarily
    Idiom: My account is in the red
    Meaning: My account is losing money
    Idiom: My book sold like hotcakes
    Meaning: My book sold very well
    Idiom: My boss hit the ceiling
    Meaning: My boss got very angry
    Idiom: My boss will foot the bill
    Meaning: My boss will pay the bill
    Idiom: My hat is in the ring
    Meaning: I'm a candidate
    Idiom: My two cents
    Meaning: My opinion
    Idiom: Nada
    Meaning: Nothing
    Idiom: Neat as a pin
    Meaning: Very neat
    Idiom: Never-never land
    Meaning: An imaginary place
    Idiom: Nip and tuck
    Meaning: A race in which it is difficult to predict the outcome. Sometimes applied to plastic surgery procedures
    Idiom: No problemo
    Meaning: (bad Spanish) You are a pain in the arse for asking that, but I'll do it anyway (when I feel like it)
    Idiom: No way, Jose
    Meaning: No
    Idiom: Nutty as a fruitcake
    Meaning: Mentally unstable
    Idiom: Off the top of your head, how many people work in Detroit?
    Meaning: Any number will do, just make one up. If it's wrong, I'll blame you
    Idiom: Ok boss, you call the shots
    Meaning: Ok boss, you give the orders
    Idiom: Ok, spill the beans
    Meaning: Ok, tell the truth
    Idiom: Old is the new young.
    Meaning: Used in advertising to attempt to convince people that something is what it isn't.
    Idiom: Out of the frying pan into the fire
    Meaning: Go from bad to worse
    Idiom: PAC
    Meaning: Political Action Committee: a group which raises funds for politicians
    Idiom: Paradigm shift.
    Meaning: A really big change
    Idiom: Pencil in the meeting for 10 Tuesday
    Meaning: Reserve 10 o'clock Tuesday for the meeting, but it's not definite. You had better be there, even if I forget to confirm it.
    Idiom: People from all walks of life were there
    Meaning: People from many different 'categories', job, age, 'race', language were there.
    Idiom: Perfect storm
    Meaning: a coincidence of several unfavorable events
    Idiom: Phish
    Meaning: acquire passwords or other private information (of an individual, an account, a web site, etc.) via a digital ruse
    Idiom: Piece of cake
    Meaning: It's really difficult, but I'm a genius so I can do it real fast
    Idiom: Piggybacking
    Meaning: The image is of a pig entering some place, and some one sitting on top of the pig, and coming in at the same time. It can mean that something gained unauthorized entry by coming in with someone who was authorized to enter.
    Idiom: Play it by ear
    Meaning: Do not prepare, do not practice, handle the problems as they arise. (See Wing it)
    Idiom: Provider
    Meaning: doctor, dentist or pharmacist
    Idiom: Purple state.
    Meaning: State that voted for roughly half for Democrats, half for Republicans
    Idiom: Rainy day fund
    Meaning: Money set aside for times of real need, or when the politicians want a raise
    Idiom: Rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic
    Meaning: Wasting time on something that is doomed
    Idiom: Red blooded American
    Meaning: Real American (see blue blooded American)
    Idiom: Red state.
    Meaning: A state whose electoral votes were for a Republican
    Idiom: Red
    Meaning: Republican
    Idiom: Reverse 911
    Meaning: a system that some cities use to alert many residents of dangers such as fires and floods. Each resident receives a phone call that alerts of the danger.
    Idiom: Reverse gear
    Meaning: Drive backwards
    Idiom: Sandwich generation
    Meaning: Name created by the media to mean people who are caring for children and parents at the same time
    Idiom: Scalable.
    Meaning: can get bigger
    Idiom: Schedule C
    Meaning: The name of an IRS form. In the non-standard and arcane world of the IRS, "schedule" means "form."
    Idiom: Sea change
    Meaning: Big change
    Idiom: Senator X is over the hill
    Meaning: Senator X has gone past his best performance and can not get better
    Idiom: Separate checks
    Meaning: Asking your waiter in a restaurant to create one bill ("check") for each person in your group ("party"). So, if you have come to eat with 4 other people, you would like your waiter to create 5 bills.
    Idiom: She wears the pants in that family
    Meaning: She tells her husband what to do and he does it
    Idiom: She's clueless about his affair
    Meaning: She doesn't have any idea about his affair
    Idiom: She's dressed to the nines
    Meaning: She's well dressed
    Idiom: Sit tight
    Meaning: Wait patiently
    Idiom: Slim chance!
    Meaning: Not very likely! (see Fat chance)
    Idiom: Slush fund
    Meaning: Money set aside for times of real need or when the politicians want a raise
    Idiom: Smoke and mirrors
    Meaning: Elaborate means of deceiving. The US Social Security System is all smoke and mirrors
    Idiom: Soft money
    Meaning: money given to a political party that is not subject to federal regulations.
    Idiom: Sorry, I got carried away
    Meaning: Sorry, I went to an extreme
    Idiom: Sorry, I went overboard
    Meaning: Sorry, I went to an extreme
    Idiom: Sounds fishy to me
    Meaning: I don't think that's true
    Idiom: Soup to nuts
    Meaning: Everything. Supposedly because a "full meal" is said to start with soup and end with nuts.
    Idiom: Stickiness.
    Meaning: something that keeps a person interested in a Web page
    Idiom: Stop giving me the run-around
    Meaning: Give me what I want
    Idiom: Surf and turf
    Meaning: Fish and beef
    Idiom: Take the bull by the horns
    Meaning: face the problem and try to solve it
    Idiom: Tell me in a nutshell
    Meaning: Tell me quickly, I don't have time
    Idiom: Thanks for going to bat for me
    Meaning: Thanks for coming to my defense and aid
    Idiom: That action will backfire
    Meaning: That action will have unpleasant, unintended consequences
    Idiom: That ain't gonna work
    Meaning: That is not going to work. (ain't implies credibility: when you say ain't, people believe that you are telling the truth)
    Idiom: That begs the question
    Meaning: What you are saying is not logical. You are assuming that your conclusion is true. For example: That suspect should be jailed for life because he's guilty. This is often used incorrectly to mean "that makes me want to ask the question."
    Idiom: That cuts no ice with me
    Meaning: It does not convince me
    Idiom: That didn't work - back to square one
    Meaning: That didn't work - we will start again
    Idiom: That gets my goat
    Meaning: That really annoys me
    Idiom: That hit the spot
    Meaning: That was just what I needed
    Idiom: That really fills the bill
    Meaning: That really is what I need
    Idiom: That was a close shave
    Meaning: That was a narrow escape
    Idiom: That was then. This is now
    Meaning: The standards by which you judged in the past do not apply now
    Idiom: That will do the trick
    Meaning: That is exactly what is needed
    Idiom: That's a cock and bull story
    Meaning: That's an unbelievable story
    Idiom: That's a fine kettle of fish
    Meaning: What a mess
    Idiom: That's a half-baked idea
    Meaning: That is an idea that has not been well thought out
    Idiom: That's a humdinger
    Meaning: That's really remarkable
    Idiom: That's a long shot
    Meaning: That's not very probable
    Idiom: That's a no-brainer
    Meaning: That's very easy to understand
    Idiom: That's a tough row to hoe
    Meaning: That will be hard to do
    Idiom: That's a white elephant
    Meaning: It's an unusual item that few people want
    Idiom: That's a whole 'nother ball game
    Meaning: I hadn't thought about that aspect of the situation, but I've got to now
    Idiom: That's apples and oranges
    Meaning: That's a comparison that doesn't make sense
    Idiom: That's close but no cigar
    Meaning: You didn't win, but almost. (almost doesn't count)
    Idiom: That's it, in a nutshell
    Meaning: That's a summary
    Idiom: That's pushing the envelope
    Meaning: That is attempting to go beyond the tested limits of the system
    Idiom: That's the name of the game
    Meaning: That's a very good description of the matter
    Idiom: That's the tip of the iceberg
    Meaning: There's a lot more below the surface
    Idiom: That's the way the cookie crumbles
    Meaning: That's what happens and we can't do anything about it
    Idiom: The American Dream
    Meaning: The quest for more and more possessions, big house with a deck, a dog and high credit card bills
    Idiom: The ball is in their court
    Meaning: The responsibility is theirs
    Idiom: The boss had a cow
    Meaning: The boss got very angry
    Idiom: The boss literally had a cow
    Meaning: The boss gave birth to a calf
    Idiom: The coast is clear
    Meaning: There are no obstacles to an escape
    Idiom: The company is in Chapter 11
    Meaning: Nothing to do with being mentioned in Chapter 11 of a book. This means the company is in bankruptcy proceedings. The name "Chapter 11" comes from theplace where it is described in a book, known as the US Bankruptcy code. It is found in Chapter 11. This is like saying that Bill and Sue are in "Matthew Chapter 5, Verse 32." (A verse about committing adultery.)
    Idiom: The crook isn't here, he flew the coop.
    Meaning: The crook isn't here, he ran away.
    Idiom: The die is cast
    Meaning: The decision has been made, although we may not know it
    Idiom: The fur is going to fly
    Meaning: There will be a fight
    Idiom: The geezer kicked the bucket
    Meaning: The old man died
    Idiom: The glass is half empty or half full
    Meaning: If you say that the glass is half empty, you are considered to be a pessimist; if you say that it is half full you are considered to be an optimist.
    Idiom: The hair of the dog that bit you
    Meaning: When one is drunk, drinking some of the alcohol that caused the drunkeness. Something that is sure to cause a bigger problem.
    Idiom: The job requires a lot of elbow grease
    Meaning: The job requires a lot of muscle work
    Idiom: The jury is still out
    Meaning: No one knows yet
    Idiom: The manager pulled strings to get a job for a friend
    Meaning: The manager used unfair influence to get a job for a friend
    Idiom: The movie was a tear jerker
    Meaning: The movie made people cry
    Idiom: The optics are bad
    Meaning: There were some embarrassing photos in the press recently. (Only a journalist could invent such a strange expression)
    Idiom: The police cracked down on crooked politicians
    Meaning: The police increased enforcement against crooked politicians
    Idiom: The project bit the dust
    Meaning: The project failed
    Idiom: The project got the green light
    Meaning: The project was approved
    Idiom: The project is dead as a door nail
    Meaning: The project is dead, with no chance for recovery
    Idiom: The project is dead in the water
    Meaning: The project is dead, with no chance for recovery
    Idiom: The soda machine is out of whack
    Meaning: The soda machine is out of order
    Idiom: The stock market skyrocketed
    Meaning: The stock market went up
    Idiom: The stock market took a nose dive
    Meaning: The stock market went down
    Idiom: The suggestion went over like a lead balloon
    Meaning: The suggestion was very poorly received
    Idiom: The whole 9 yards
    Meaning: Everything
    Idiom: The whole enchilada
    Meaning: Everything
    Idiom: The world is my oyster
    Meaning: Everything is going very well
    Idiom: The worm turns
    Meaning: Someone who was out of favor is beginning to regain favor
    Idiom: There is a litmus test for Supreme Court appointees
    Meaning: Supreme Court appointees are subjected to a severe questioning about their views on certain matters
    Idiom: There is too much red tape at the Registry of Motor Vehicles for obtaining a license
    Meaning: There are too many administrative procedures at the Registry of Motor Vehicles for obtaining a license
    Idiom: There's a learning curve
    Meaning: That is hard to learn
    Idiom: There's no love lost between them
    Meaning: They don't like each other
    Idiom: There's no there there.
    Meaning: It doesn't have any meaning. It's an accusation without foundation
    Idiom: Time to file your tax return
    Meaning: Time to submit, or send in, your declaration of income for taxes.
    Idiom: They're going to bump up my salary.
    Meaning: They are going to give me a salary increase
    Idiom: Uber
    Meaning: extreme
    Idiom: Viral marketing.
    Meaning: marketing campaign that spreads fast
    Idiom: W2
    Meaning: The number of an IRS form. Business that pays employees sends this to IRS. A declaration of salary paid in one year.
    Idiom: Waiter may I have a doggie bag?
    Meaning: Waiter, I want to take this food home to eat, please wrap it for me
    Idiom: Wardrobe malfunction.
    Meaning: Failed attempt to avoid the blame for a stupid action
    Idiom: Watch out!
    Meaning: Be careful!
    Idiom: Watercooler
    Meaning: Rumor, current opinion. Office workers supposedly stand around the watercooler and exchange news.
    Idiom: We had a falling out
    Meaning: We broke up
    Idiom: Weasel words
    Meaning: Words that contain deliberate ambiguities, such as those used in TV advertisements
    Idiom: Webinar
    Meaning: Seminar conducted over the internet
    Idiom: We're going to name names
    Meaning: We're going to say peoples' names
    Idiom: We're in the same boat
    Meaning: We're in the same situation
    Idiom: We've got to talk turkey
    Meaning: We have to talk about difficult things
    Idiom: What do you have up your sleeve?
    Meaning: What do you have that you aren't showing me?
    Idiom: What goes around comes around
    Meaning: One will feel the consequence of his/her actions
    Idiom: What's in the drawer? Odds and ends
    Meaning: What's in the drawer? I don't want to give you details
    Idiom: When the chips are down
    Meaning: When the situation becomes critical
    Idiom: Wing it!
    Meaning: Do not prepare, do not practice, handle the problems as they arise, (See Play it by ear)
    Idiom: He told her with a straight face that he was just having lunch with his female co-worker
    Meaning: He showed no emotion, no laughing, no smiling when he told her that he was just having lunch with his female co-worker. (The implication is that he lied skillfully)
    Idiom: Woodshed.
    Meaning: punishment. The legend is that fathers take their sons to the woodshed to punish them physically. (Not true)
    Idiom: X aced the police exam but failed the background check
    Meaning: X did very well on the police exam but failed the background check
    Idiom: X bit off more than he can chew
    Meaning: X started something big and hard and will not be able to complete it
    Idiom: X blew his top
    Meaning: X was very angry
    Idiom: X came out on the short end of the stick
    Meaning: X experienced the unpleasant consequences of the situation
    Idiom: X clammed up
    Meaning: X remained silent
    Idiom: X cracked up
    Meaning: X laughed a lot
    Idiom: X decided on the spur of the moment to go to Italy
    Meaning: X decided suddenly to go to Italy
    Idiom: X freaked out
    Meaning: X got very emotional
    Idiom: X got down to the nitty-gritty of the situation
    Meaning: X spoke about the real important details of the situation
    Idiom: X got the shaft
    Meaning: X was fired, X was punished, X was treated unfairly
    Idiom: X has a green thumb
    Meaning: X is a good gardener
    Idiom: X has a nest egg
    Meaning: X has saved a lot of money
    Idiom: X has a new lease on life
    Meaning: X has received a new chance to succeed
    Idiom: X has covered all the bases
    Meaning: X has thought of everything and is ready to handle all possible problems
    Idiom: X has one foot in the grave
    Meaning: X is very ill and will die
    Idiom: X is a back seat driver
    Meaning: X gives unwanted and unneeded advice
    Idiom: X is a chain smoker
    Meaning: X never stops smoking
    Idiom: X is a picky eater
    Meaning: X dislikes many kinds of food
    Idiom: X is a redneck
    Meaning: X is a bigoted American
    Idiom: X is a wet blanket
    Meaning: X doesn't let people enjoy things
    Idiom: X is chicken
    Meaning: X is a coward
    Idiom: X is on the gravy train
    Meaning: X is making a lot of money
    Idiom: X is playing the field
    Meaning: X is dating several people and doesn't want to get married
    Idiom: X is running around with Y
    Meaning: X is cheating on his/her mate with Y
    Idiom: X laid down the law
    Meaning: X gave a stern warning
    Idiom: X Let the cat out of the bag
    Meaning: X revealed the secret
    Idiom: X lives from hand to mouth
    Meaning: X is very poor
    Idiom: X ran circles around Y
    Meaning: X was much more competent than Y
    Idiom: X read them the riot act
    Meaning: X gave a stern warning
    Idiom: X said go for broke!
    Meaning: X said give a strong effort and fight until you win or die
    Idiom: X was foaming at the mouth
    Meaning: X got very angry and acted like an ass
    Idiom: X was ticked off
    Meaning: X was angry
    Idiom: X weighed in on the election
    Meaning: X gave his opinion on the election
    Idiom: X went ballistic
    Meaning: X got very angry and acted like an ass
    Idiom: X went off the deep end
    Meaning: X did something extremely foolish
    Idiom: You are off base
    Meaning: Your assumptions are wrong
    Idiom: You gave me a bum steer
    Meaning: You gave me bad advice
    Idiom: You got the short end of the stick
    Meaning: You were treated unfairly
    Idiom: You gotta haul ass
    Meaning: You must work very hard
    Idiom: You have just scratched the surface
    Meaning: There's a lot more below the surface
    Idiom: You have struck out
    Meaning: You have made too many mistakes
    Idiom: You hit the jackpot
    Meaning: You won the big prize
    Idiom: You hit the nail on the head
    Meaning: You are exactly right
    Idiom: You lead a charmed life
    Meaning: You are lucky and seem to avoid trouble
    Idiom: You lie like a rug
    Meaning: You are not telling the truth
    Idiom: You made a home run
    Meaning: You were successful
    Idiom: You outdid yourself
    Meaning: You have improved beyond expectations
    Idiom: You take the cake
    Meaning: You win the prize, spoken ironically
    Idiom: You want to have your cake and eat it, too
    Meaning: You want to enjoy all your wishes
    Idiom: You were out in left field
    Meaning: You were not attentive
    Idiom: You were out to lunch
    Meaning: You were not attentive to your job
    Idiom: You won hands down
    Meaning: You won without any problem
    Idiom: Your criticism hit home
    Meaning: Your criticism was right to the point, meaningful
    Idiom: Your goose is cooked
    Meaning: You are going to be caught and punished
    Idiom: Your work is just run of the mill
    Meaning: Your work is just mediocre
    Idiom: You're all dolled up
    Meaning: You are dressed very finely
    Idiom: You're barking up the wrong tree
    Meaning: Your assumptions are wrong
    Idiom: You're batting 1000
    Meaning: You haven't made any mistakes
    Idiom: You're better off now than 5 years ago
    Meaning: Your situation is better now than 5 years ago
    Idiom: You're chicken
    Meaning: You're a coward
    Idiom: You're going to pay through the nose
    Meaning: You will pay a lot
    Idiom: You're in the catbird seat
    Meaning: You're in a very favorable position
    Idiom: You're not a team player
    Meaning: You had better stop thinking creatively and for yourself. We're a team here, and we don't need any new ideas
    Idiom: You're off your rocker
    Meaning: You're crazy
    Idiom: You're outta here!
    Meaning: Get out of here
    Idiom: You're putting me on, Mr Jones.
    Meaning: You are not speaking seriously, Mr Jones.
    Idiom: Yours truly
    Meaning: I / me
    Idiom: You've been had!
    Meaning: You were cheated
    Idiom: You've got two strikes
    Meaning: One more mistake and you're finished
    Idiom: Zilch
    Meaning: Nothing
    Idiom: Zip
    Meaning: Nothing
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    Hôm nay mình mới phát hiện ra người Mỹ cũng dùng từ "kéo gỗ" nghĩa là ngáy khi ngủ :)

    E.g: Do you have a snoring partner cutting wood every night and depriving you from your right to sleep well?

    Dream to success thích bài này.
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    Idiom: Man-about-town --> a playboy :)


    Idiom: The sky is the limit --> there is no upper limit

    With two important film roles and a major award, it seems like the sky's the limit for this talented young actress.

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    Đã từng bị hỏi can you walk on the water một lần. Lần đó phỏng vấn rớt mà không biết vì sao
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    Mấy cái này hay quá, đã lưu về làm bùa hộ mệnh, hihi
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    Cảm ơn bạn đã chia sẽ, rất bổ ích cho các bạn chuẩn bị sang đất nước phát triển nhất nhì thế giới
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